What You Need to Know About Recruiting Millennial and Gen Z Workforces

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According to a recent study, there are 2.36 billion millennials and 1.9 billion Gen Zs worldwide. With a reputation of being both big and elusive, engaging these generations is proving to be quite the challenge. So much so that employers today are concerned that issues with attracting and retaining them may negatively impact their company. When you consider the prediction that the millennial generation alone will comprise three-quarters of the workforce by 2025, it is easy to understand why more and more companies are interested in learning how to better attract and engage these workers.

The secret to successfully recruiting millennials and Gen Zs is to take the time to understand them and build fresh new strategies. Our team has compiled a list of tips and tactics to help you discover the skills and priorities of these generations, so your staffing agency can empower and connect them with job opportunities.

Millennials and Gen Z: Who Are They?


Born between 1980 and 1995, millennials are no longer considered the young, demanding entrants into the workforce. In fact, many are now in their mid-to-late 30s and have stepped into management or leadership roles. When it comes to job satisfaction, company culture and transparency, relationships with colleagues, manager support and recognition, career development opportunity, flexibility and work-life integration are the most important factors for this generation. In addition, 84% of millennials value making a positive impact on the world more than professional recognition; they actively seek opportunities to make an impact on their team and company.

Gen Z 

Expected to become the fastest growing generation in the workplace over the next several years, Gen Zs are often referred to as “digital natives”. Born between 1996 to present, this generation is the first to never know a time without social media and instant connectivity. As a result, they are very comfortable with multi-tasking and technology. They also value flexibility, independence, collaboration and the space to tackle challenges. When entering the workforce, Gen Zs are typically less concerned with titles and salary and more focused on acquiring new skills and utilizing their strengths.

Effective Strategies for Recruiting Millennials and Gen Z

So, how can your staffing company successfully recruit these two generations that have unique values and motivations and grew up with information at their fingertips, thanks to the power of technology? The central theme is to prioritize growth opportunities, create an attractive culture and optimize communication – all things that are important to those born between the years 1980 and today.

Be intentional with your brand story

Gone are the days of simply posting a job and finding the right skill set to fill positions. Company culture is top of mind for candidates today, making it incredibly important for your staffing agency to share its unique and inspiring back story. Spend some time gathering actionable insights on your culture, values and employee sentiment that you can use to craft a compelling brand story. Let your authenticity shine through by highlighting why you do the things you do. By refining your values and standing behind them you will not only earn the respect of new recruits and attract top talent, but you will also empower your team with a greater sense of purpose.

Expand your digital presence

Once you have captured key insights about your brand, you should consider expanding your digital presence to attract the attention of both millennials and Gen Z job seekers. Start by evaluating your staffing company’s social presence. How are these tech savvy generations interacting with your business’ blogs, social media posts, videos, and other content? Do you need to adjust your content strategy to make a great first impression, create more personalized interactions, and establish stronger connections? The next step is to create and share useful and engaging content that will help you build an online reputation, differentiate yourself from the competition and show the difference you can make with candidates.

Emphasize growth and development

When considering an opportunity, learning and development is one of the top considerations of workers in these generations. Millennials and Gen Zs have grown up with information at their fingertips and seek opportunities that allow them to learn and develop quickly in their careers. In fact, the ability to obtain the new skills and experiences they desire is why these generations take a job and stay there. To persuade these achievement-oriented generations that you can provide the career environment they are looking for, focus on selling current opportunities – not future potential. In being straightforward about career paths and providing advancement opportunities that align with their values, you will be able to attract – and hold on to – top millennial and Gen Z talent.

Despite the unfair reputation and criticism the younger generations have received, most companies today recognize that the technological savviness, drive and fresh vision of millennials and Gen Z can be the key to their success. Incorporating the three strategies above will help your staffing agency adjust its recruitment tactics to attract and retain the best talent from these emerging generations.

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