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Are you looking to expand your company? Do you often worry about keeping up with operating expenses? With accounts receivables factoring or invoice factoring as it’s commonly known, your company can access cash quickly and easily. Security Business Capital knows how important it is for businesses of any size to be able to access their funds quickly to keep things running. By cashing in your invoices, you don’t have to wait for working capital any longer. We provide you with money upfront while you’re waiting for your customer to pay your invoice. Are you in a time crunch? That’s not a problem. Security Business Capital can usually get you cash within the same day, at only a small cost to you. We want to see your business grow and succeed, which is why we’re in the business we’re in.

No Added Debt

If your small business is looking for alternative financing to help meet operational expenses or continue to expand, Security Business Capital can provide you with a factoring service that fits your needs. An alternative to traditional bank financing, factoring receivables allows businesses to leverage unpaid accounts receivables to generate cash on hand quickly and easily. It is not a loan or line of credit, so you’ll never have to worry about added debt.

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Invoice Factoring Defined

What is Invoice Factoring and How Exactly Does It Work?

What is invoice factoring? Good question. Basically, invoice factoring frees up money you’re owed from unpaid invoices. Unlike a business loan, factoring gives you cash that you have already earned, so the working capital provided gives you more flexibility without the added burden of debt. This form of financing is generated from a business's unpaid invoices, which are assigned to a factoring loan company. When we take on your pending invoice, we’re giving you the money you’re owed from your customer upfront, minus a small fee (that’s how we keep our side of the business running). This allows you to invest in your company when and how you need to instead of waiting to be paid by your customers.

You bring us the invoice and set up an account, and then Security Business Capital performs a few due diligences and gets you working capital fast, oftentimes within 24 hours. We would then collect the unpaid invoice for a small fee. Companies like oil and gas services, manufacturers, transportation, temp staffing, and business services can use invoice factoring to generate cash on hand.

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