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Security Business Capital offers its oil and gas industry clients unparalleled experience and dedication to providing flexible working capital options through accounts receivables financing, invoice factoring, and PO financing, as well as a host of other business lending solutions.

Invoice factoring is the ideal cash flow solution for oil companies throughout the United States, as well as other centers of commerce for the oil and gas industry. The aggressive nature of the oil and gas industry means companies must rely on a variety of financing solutions to remain competitive.

Invoice factoring companies like Security Business Capital provide new and small businesses the ideal solution for boosting cash flow when traditional sources of financing aren't available. Invoice financing is also a relatively quick source of funding for emergencies and last-minute project opportunities.

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Specializing in Oil & Gas Invoice Factoring

Virtually any industry will have its quirks, and working within that industry means gaining firsthand knowledge about sales, financing, and funding projects. The experts at Security Business Capital offer specialized assistance for all companies in the industry including those in exploration services, flowback testing, and environmental cleanup.

Our expertise also extends to crude haulers, frac-sand haulers, excavating and dirt work, and pressure washing. We know there are many facets to the oil and gas industry and that companies working in West Texas can only thrive with flexible financing and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Flexible, Customizable, and Efficient Cash Flow Solutions

Invoice factoring companies have provided essential services to businesses in industries like oil and gas for many years, and Security Business Capital offers an incredible level of experience in factoring. Over the years, we've developed a variety of solutions related to invoice factoring. No two companies are alike, even if they both work in oil & gas.

Some of the oil and gas businesses we've offered services to in the past several decades include those involved in the following activities:

  • Drilling and plugging
  • Hot shot services
  • Pipeline construction
  • Site builders
  • Structure construction
  • Tank cleaners

Our experts in accounts receivable financing familiarize themselves with each company that requests invoice factoring services, so we can provide a customized and tailored solution for each client.

We offer flexible contracts that include long-term services, and we can also work with you on spot factoring for infrequent or one-time factoring services or bridge financing until your traditional financing comes through.

Some of the benefits you'll receive from Security Business Capital include:

  1. Competitive rates
  2. Flexible contracts
  3. Speedy invoice processing


Utilizing oilfield factoring services means you can invest in additional equipment, hire more workers, ensure bills are paid on time, and increase the size of your company and the number of projects you can bid on or schedule.

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Reduce the Wait for Customer Payments with Invoice Factoring

Businesses working in oil & gas must often wait anywhere between 30 and 90 days to receive payment for services. For a small or new business that doesn't have significant cash reserves, these timelines can create delays in bidding on new projects or completing work that requires an upfront investment.

We understand how the oilfield business is run. Contact us today, our dedicated invoice factoring professionals are ready to build long-term, productive, and cost-effective relationships with all companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs working in the oil and gas industry.

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