Spot Factoring

Flexible Invoice Factoring

Regardless of the industry sector your company fits into, if you invoice your customers, you are likely left waiting for payments to be made.

Unlike most traditional factoring companies where they demand you to factor all your invoices, Security Business Capital offers a very flexible solution. We like to call it “Freedom of Choice.”

So, if you don’t know which invoices to factor, no worries. You can choose one invoice or all of them, it's up to you!

Security Business Capital’s experts know how to help you leverage your accounts receivables invoices
to give your business the cash it needs to survive and thrive.

Our spot factor funding solution provides instant cash, equal to a major portion of your invoices (up to a 90% advance), often within 24 hours. Our knowledgeable financial experts are ready to help you at a moment’s notice.

We cater to all types of industries, including:

One-Time Spot Factoring Solution

Our team of specialists at Security Business Capital can set up one-time spot factoring for your company, allowing you to access working capital when it’s most important to your financial future.

Spot factoring gives you a much-needed infusion of cash when you find yourself seeking business funding, letting you:

  • Pay operating costs.
  • Expand your business into new areas.
  • Focus on your core business instead of chasing payments down.

There’s no need to factor in all of your customers if you don’t want to.

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