SBC Welcomes New Clients!

Here is a small sample of our new clients:

Temporary Staffing company experiencing the excitement and stress of two new large contracts. Security Business Capital moved very quickly and approved them for a factoring line of $150,000. This flexible line allows them to start small and factor only the invoices they want now; factoring more invoices as they grow. Now the business owners rest easy knowing they can keep up with their payroll demands!

SBC also approved a Transportation company with an invoice factoring line of $100,000. This business owner was recently approached with an opportunity to take on more business. This is great! But it also requires spending a significant amount on a new truck and taking on some extra cash flow draining expenditures. So..SBC to the rescue! Our new client was very pleased with the ease and speed of the application process…as well as the fact that it cost NOTHING to close. Because of the invoice factoring Security Business Capital is able to give this small business owner, he is well underway to attaining his business goals and dreams!

Security Business Capital has provided a factoring line of $500,000 to an Oilfield Services startup. The business owners both have extensive industry experience having worked in the oil and gas industry for many years. They teamed up and started a business of their own. Within weeks the company had three well-established oil and gas customers…and they were off and running! It didn’t take long to realize they were going to need a funding partner to help with factoring. Once again, we were able to work with them to quickly move through underwriting and get their invoices factored ASAP. They are on track for rapid growth and SBC is very happy to grow with them!

Great job Security Business Capital team, and Welcome aboard to our newest clients!!