Good News for Transportation!

According to several national news agencies, diesel prices are continuing to drop. The new national average is $3.918 a gallon. Prices have been easing down since late April. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the prices will continue to drop. Continued or new tensions in the middle east are always a fixture on fuel prices and always at risk to spike. But, for now, the trucking industry is getting a much-needed break on the cost of running your business!

There is much to consider in the transportation industry; fuel, making payroll, the amount of time spent on the road; and of course working capital. It can be very difficult to run your business without proper cash flow.

Freight Factoring: Solving Transportation Company Cash Flow

Factoring your freight invoices can be a very good solution to your cash flow issues. Many factoring companies can provide trucking companies with much-needed cash from their invoices. Security Business Capital can approve trucking companies for factoring in as little as 4 days, and provide you with same-day funding for your freight bills!

So, if you have been considering ways to improve your cash flow, contact us and learn more about how factoring your freight invoices can help!