6 Daily Habits and Routines of Wildly Successful Business Leaders

Rear view of a businessman climbing stairs to get to a large city center.

If you are just starting a company, you have probably heard the many facts and figures on how many small businesses fail within the first few years. Of course, this does not mean you and your team will not be successful. But it does highlight the fact that the keys to achieving your goals as an entrepreneur can be elusive. So, the real question is, what is it that separates a successful entrepreneur from the rest of the pack?

According to the most wildly successful entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives, it all boils down to the habits we employ on a daily basis. Building solid routines and habits is what fuels your productivity, creativity and happiness. To help you discover habits you can easily incorporate into your daily routine to achieve long-term business success, the team at Security Business Capital has compiled the following list.

They start their morning routine early

The most effective entrepreneurs have discovered the secret to increasing productivity: tapping into the power of mornings. Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs wake up between 4a.m. and 5a.m. every single day, without fail. Why? Waking up long before the rest of the world allows you to get a head start, do something meaningful for yourself and focus your mind on the rest of the day. The key is to find a combination of tasks (e.g. running, writing, podcasts, scheduling, etc.) that set a good tone for your day and then stick to that morning routine. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs have had the same morning ritual for years.

They plan every minute of their day

Beyond building a strong morning routine, successful leaders account for every moment of their day to make sure they are spending time on the things that drive progress. Time is one thing in life you cannot have more or less of. At first, scheduling every minute might sound obsessive. In reality, time management is freeing. By creating a priority list of what you need to accomplish, you avoid distractions, create time to learn and set yourself up to achieve your goals. The idea is to follow a schedule that is flexible enough to let you handle the unexpected, but rigid enough that you never waste time wondering what you should tackle next.

They keep promises made to themselves

In the words of one of the top business leaders Ed Mylett, “Entrepreneurship is riddled with false starts. One step forward, two or three steps back.” Incredibly successful business leaders recognize the importance of keeping promises to yourself: being mindful of your actions boosts your productivity and confidence. Waking up early, setting your priorities and starting the day on your terms builds self-integrity. As you do your utmost to complete even the smallest tasks on a consistent basis, it trains your mind to follow through on the big things – the things you need to succeed.  

They seek support from like-minded people

The most effective entrepreneurs consider themselves lifelong learners. They keep their eyes open for opportunities, constantly seeking ways to push themselves to their highest potential. They recognize failure is simply another word for “try again.” In order to maintain this growth mindset and stay on track, entrepreneurs need support from like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors. When you surround yourself with people you admire, you cannot help but be inspired and invigorated. The more you focus on building relationships with people who challenge and motivate you, the more fulfilling your journey to success will be.

They protect their valuable time

In our fast-paced, ever-competitive world, many aspiring entrepreneurs focus on how they can squeeze one more task into their day. However, wildly successful entrepreneurs recognize that time is their most precious commodity. They understand they must protect and maintain their much-needed quiet time if they wish to avoid burnout and stay inspired. Whether it’s hiking, journaling, reading or some other form of self-care, find ways to unplug from work and fill your own cup. Taking the time to decompress and check in with your own thoughts and feelings will leave you feeling rejuvenated and better able to handle daily pressures.

They are never without resources

From seminars and books to new technology and financial sources, successful entrepreneurs are never without resources. The ability to pursue business opportunities relentlessly depends on the resources at your disposal. Do you have the necessary tools and support to achieve your goals? When you encounter obstacles, where will you turn for answers? If your business is experiencing financial troubles, do you have a cash solution? The most effective entrepreneurs not only know where to get the resources they need, but also how to properly manage and allocate them.

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